A recent winner of a "Best Song Award". A love song about needing to let someone go so they can find themselves.


Chet Nichols

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This song has be a recent winner of a "Best Song Award". Solid pop/rock track with a latin beat about a lover who needed to be let go and find themselves.

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Music and Lyric by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)
Copyright 2016/2023 by Chester Nichols, Jr (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music: Publisher (ASCAP) 
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Verse 1

If you find you’re judging 

All your loves by me

You’re not free

You can live your own life

Between the mountains and the sea

But, if you dream I’ll be there 

You’re not free


Cause you kept playing Jezebel

And I tried playing the cure

Both caught in a fantasy

That wasn’t real anymore

Yeah, cause you say that I brought you down

When I only wanted you to win

And now it’s up to you to see it thru

And learn to start again Jezebel

Start again, Jezebel

Verse 2

Separate vacations

Business trips

Long lovely girls with shapely hips

Separate relations

Dinners alone

A long-distance relation we’ve outgrown


Musical Bridge



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