One of Chet's photos shot in Durango, Colorado. Chet used it for the CD cover fo his album, "Paradise Unplugged".

Chet shot this picture north of Silverton, Colorado. He used this pictured as the cover shot for his CD, "Peak To Peak", a world-fusion instrumental album.

Chet uses a lot of his photos as cover photographs for his music CDs.

Here's another photo Chet shot in New Mexioco and used it as the cover photo for his award-winning album, "Modern Progress".

This is a photo Chet took of a nifty "craft bridge" nestled in one of the quiet lakes in the Northern Illinois Chain-Of-Lakes district. He used the shot for his critically acclaimed album, "Sunday Morning".

Chet's father, Chester Nieznanski Nichols, Sr., was a very successful and popular photographer and radio, theater and opera singer in Chicago during the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. He was a "Star Photo Journalist" for the Chicago Tribune. Clearly, Chet inherited his father's love for music and photography and has a substantial number of photographs placed in high-end photo libraries.

This love of capturing visual images has been passed on to Chet's children and his nephew, Daniel Andrew Nichols, who is a globally respected cinematographer and photographer.
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