Early Photographs

Chet was a virtuoso on the cello. Here he is practicing at age 12.

Chet with his first guitar that he bartered for in an open Bazaar in Tijuana, Mexico. He paid $8.36.

Chet's first music teacher, Sister Bernadelle, who taught him to play piano, cello & sing.!

Chet performing at a high school "sock hop" as a freshman at New Trier HS.

Chet's First Nylon-String Martin Guitar

Early Band Photographs

A poster and article from the Chicago Reader created by Steven Krakow.

Chet with his band, "The Chosen Few". "Live" at The Rolling Stone.

Wayne Welch, drummer & vocalist with "The Chosen Few".

Jeff Weinstein, guitar and vocalist with "The Chosen Few".

Chet with his band, "The Chosen Few". Practicing in the Peck's basement.

Early "Solo" Promo Photographs

"Live" Photographs

Studio shots

Actor Headshots