This is a solo vocal & guitar track that features inspiring and poetic lyrics and hypnotic guitar part that define the thoughtful message. Chet's vocal is soft, upfront and endearing. This is one of his best songs.

Who Sole The Ivy (Solo)

Chet Nichols

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Who Sole The Ivy (Solo)

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A hypnotic and truly engaging solo vocal & guitar version of one of Chet's classic songs. It sings to the conditions of our internal "climates" and what we see around us that create the moods that define who we are and will be.

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“Who Stole The Ivy”

Music and Lyric by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)

Copyright 1969/1971/2015/2023 by Chester Nichols, Jr (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music: Publisher (ASCAP) 







Verse 1

Shaking heads and shaking hands

Seem to describe your kind

Why have you come here

Is it just to toy with my finds

The sounds they are so fine 

The sounds are so flowing

It’s July here, my dear

And somehow its begun snowing

I can see down the street both ways

From where I sit

And neither way do I see anything coming 

That’ll tell me



Who stole the ivy

Who stole the valley

Who stole the timothy and clover

That used to grow all over


Verse 2

Eyes closed and laid back

Let it happen to you

With open heart and hands

Yours do not shake or stammer

But I can’t truly say

That I can see her

Coming back to you 

But you can be well assured

I’d inform you if her train arrived 

The separation is cut and clear

What has been said could have been left unsaid

But you felt it was your duty to speak up

So now tell me…..


Music Interlude


Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Eyes alone engulfed in our own mainstream

I’m looking deeper than I’ve ever looked

And to see our basis is all very well and good

And it’s good to know that us laying here 

Is not a challenge to your womanhood

Rocking and tapping and looking up for a sign

But the streets are full of them

One for this and one for that

Will they tell me…


Repeat Chorus.



Copyright © 1969/1971/2015/2023 ® by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Chet Nichols Creative Services (Magic Garage Music Division): Publisher (ASCAP)


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