"The Ice Cream Man Review" (2023)

CD: The Ice Cream Man Review

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    I'm The Ice Cream Man

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    You Made Me Cry

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    Summer Love

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    Million Dollar Sandbox

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    I Hurt Too Much To Squeeze

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    If You See Kaye

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    I Come From Chicago

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    Stay Away

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    Love Turned Into A Fever

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CD cover of the Classic Rock & Blues album, "The Ice Cream Man Review".


Chet's has re-released his newest album, "The Ice Cream Man Review".

This album is filled with classic rock, blues and new rock songs that gives honor to good 'ole rock 'n' roll. Check it out at YouTube, iTUNES, Pandora and Spotify!

Also, ALL the tracks that you can buy at this site are HD WAV 44/24 files....i.e., they are the highest quality.....so pick out a few songs and add them to your personal music library.


NOTES ABOUT THIS ALBUM: “The Ice Cream Man Review”.

First of all, “The Ice Cream Man Review”, is filled with RE-RECORDED versions of some of the songs that were featured on the first band tape from The Chosen Few, “Raw ‘N’ Roll" (see review below) produced in 1964. It is dedicated to the memory of  Thomas O. Peck, Jeffrey Weinstein, Wayne Welch, Lee Keating and Bill Bradley.

What inspired Chet to get that old tape and have it digitized so he could use the “old tracks” as reference for the final tracks of the “new recordings”, was from a request from a dear friend who was suffering from ALS. 

Sadly, his friend was fading fast. 

Chet asked his friend if there was anything he could do for him, since their relationship covered their lives since high school and they and their families and children had grown up together. His friend, who could barely talk said, “I would love to hear the ‘old songs’, again." Chet saw it as a “last wish”, and embarked on a quest to get the old tape, get it cedarized and digitized so he could use the old songs as references to re-record them for his dear friend. It was a massive and time-intensive project. But, Chet worked night and day for several weeks to set-up the production schedule, record the songs, mix them and master them, design the artwork and set up the distribution networks. But, MOSTLY, Chet wanted to get the songs done and be able to hand his life-long friend a CD to enjoy.

Chet was able to get all this done in time.. Once he had the first CD finished, he hurried over to give it to his friend, who was very weak, but strong enough to embrace the CD and give Chet a mischievous smile that said, “Thank you”. Within a week or so, his friend had passed away.

So, this album was, is and will forever be, a true labor of love for a friend.

Finally, these songs were all written in the early and mid 1960's by Chet who was in his VERY early teens at the time. So, they maintain a certain innocent playfulness and mischievous, youthful projection that mirrored the bands of the day like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Zombies, The Yardbirds, The Animals, Jan & Dean, The Troggs, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry and many other bands and artists. 

At the same time, Chet “LOVED” the blues. His first album purchase (which he still has) was a Jimmy Reed album. But he loved Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Muddy Waters, The Paul Butterfield Band, Otis Spahn, Robert Johnson and all the blues masters, so you will hear some of Chet's very first original blues-infused songs on this album. His tracks, “I Come From Chicago” and “I'm The Ice Cream Man”, are classics written in the early 1960's.

We hope you enjoy this journey back to the 1960's rock ‘n’ roll and blues. And that you can “feel the love” that went into producing this album, basically, by himself.

Copyrights (Various years) by Chet Nichols.  All Rights Reserved. Cover design and photos by Chet Nichols

All Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols  
All song copyrights by Chester Nichols, Jr (ASCAP) and Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
All Global Rights Reserved
Produced, arranged and recorded by Chet Nichols for Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Records
All Instrumentation & Vocal Performances by Chet Nichols
Cover and CD Design by Chet Nichols

Recorded at The Magic Garage Studio. USA

CONTACT: MagicGarageMusic@protonmail.com
Record Review; “Raw ‘n’ Roll”
Forget "Ten Years After" with Alvin Lee,  how about "Forty Three Years After with 
The Chosen Few"!
Chicagoland's Quintessential Mid-Sixties Rock Band
Like discovering a diamond in the rough, Musician Extraodinare Chet Nichols
unearthed a long thought lost 1964 taping of his band The Chosen Few. Thanks to 
Chet's perseverance,  he had it re-lobotimized, cleaned up and digitized, reproduced 
and packaged.  Considering the primitive conditions under which it was recorded on 
1/2 inch tap, as well as it's forty three years of entombment in a long lost music 
graveyard, the sonic clarity and quality remained intact!  Chet must have employed a 
kitchen magician, the ghost of Houdini,  and a clone of George Martin, the producer 
of The Beatles, to bring this baby back to life.  (Actually it was Chet's buddy and
David Crosby producer, Stephen Barncard who helped to “bake the tape” and digitize it for Chet).
Thank the Music Gods for miracles.
What we have before us now folks, is the only known recording of one the hottest 
mid-sixities bands to grace the Chicagoland area and The North Shore.  This band 
had a following that always backed the venues where they played.  In spite of the 
young age of the members of the band (17-18), they displayed a sense of musical
professionalism, far beyond their years.  Additionally, their vocal talents were top 
notch, and balanced in true harmony.  They played the various covers of that era, 
that ran from The Beach Boys to The Stones to The Beatles, and on and on.  
With Tom Peck on bass, Jeff Weinstein on rhythm guitar, Chet Nichols on lead 
guitar and lead vocals, and Wayne Welch on drums, they were a together group with 
a very tight sound. The biggest surprise of the group was Chet Nichols's song writing 
ability, which led him to a long and highly successful career as a highly acclaimed 
performing artist, proficient song writer and well noted author.  Chet's self-penned 
songs on this CD are well written, highly evolved and perfectly vocalized and were a 
highly positive harbinger of things to come for him in his music career. Having seen 
this band blast out their many great songs on many occasions in those music filled 
years,  I now have a piece of music history that I had longed for many a year.  
Anyone from that era needs this CD for their music collector.  In addition, anyone who
has ever lived or went to High School in the Chicago area, the North Shore, Wilmette, 
Winnetka, Kenilworth, Evanston and Highland Park, etc, is required to have this 
album.  It's too bad that we don't have any more of the music that The Chosen Few 
played. However, this sonic taste of that time is like a whole musical feast!  Chet, many 
thanks for giving us a piece of the past that we had longed for such a long  time.  It is 
a true Mid-West Musical Masterpiece!.
.......GW, Marquette, MI 
Background Notes About 
The Chosen Few
The Chosen Few was an important rock ’n roll 
“basement band” based on the North Shore of 
Chicago in the early 1960s. Basement band? 
Well, they practiced in basements. All of the 
initial band members attended New Trier High 
School, a school that has spawned many great 
creative artists, musicians, actors and 
producers. The North Shore was a hot spot for 
developing rock’n roll bands and artists in the 
area. The Chosen Few began playing together 
in the Fall of 1963. The co-founders were Chet 
Nichols, who played lead guitar and sang lead 
vocals, and Phil Hagenah, who initially played 
guitar. A friend of Phil’s, Tom Peck, was 
begging to join the band, so Chet and Phil 
taught Tom to play bass and Phil graciously 
moved to the drums. Mark Springer joined to 
play rhythm guitar. Like many bands, there 
were changes in personnel until the final 
nucleus was solidified. Along the way they 
added Wayne Welch on drums and vocals and 
Jeff Weinstein on rhythm guitar and vocals. 
Phil Hagenah, went on to be a very successful 
film producer and Mark Springer went on to be 
a singer in The New Christie Minstrels. 
They were one of the “house bands” at the 
famous Winnetka rock ’n roll nightclub,
The Rolling Stone. What set the band apart 
from other bands was the fact that they played 
originals penned by Chet Nichols and mixed 
them in with danceable cover songs. Chet’s 
songs were influenced by The Beatles, 
The Kinks, The Beach Boys and The Rolling 
Stones. He wrote songs that people still 
remember today; “You Made Me Cry”, 
“Million Dollar Sandbox”,“Stay Away”, 
“Over and Over”, “Summer Love” and 
“If You See Kaye”, to name a few..............
They played together until the summer of 1967,
when college and the Armed Services finally 
split the band up for good.  Tom Peck headed 
to Boston and lived there for several years until 
migrating to San Diego, where he lived as a 
free-lance writer and cared for his mother until 
June 2005 when he passed away. Jeff 
Weinstein moved to Colorado and played in 
bands in the Boulder area until he passed 
away in the 1980’s from complications of 
diabetes. Wayne Welch went into the Army 
and took his basic training near Oklahoma 
City where Chet first attended college. Wayne 
now lived in Bonanza,Oregon and his band, 
"The Usual Suspects" played in the Klamath Falls, 
Oregon area, until his passing. Wayne has two sons, T.J., a bank 
executive in Illinois and Bob, an artist. Chet 
transferred to Kansas University and was 
“discovered” as a solo artist at “The Vanguard”, 
an infamous coffee house in Kansas City, MO
which was a famous coffee house on the 1960's coffee house national
tour. This led him into a long-running solo career as 
a performer, recording artist, singer, songwriter, 
multi-instrumentalist, actor, writer, designer and 
composer that is still going strong. Chet has 
produced 50 CDs of material that runs from 
Outside Folk Rock to Americana to Alternative 
Country to Blues to jazz to New Age/World Fusion Instrumental 
Chet thought he had lost this tape, but found it 
in a box of old tapes stored in his garage in 
December of 2006, He turned to his old friend 
and respected San Francisco producer, Stephen 
Barncard, to salvage the tape and digitize it. The 
tape was recorded on a 1/2 machine and is 
in mono. It was engineered and recorded by 
Bill Bradley in his 3-story house in Wilmette 
one Saturday afternoon. Bill went on to being 
one of the best engineers in the music business, 
eventually working at Universal Studios. Bill now lives in Nashville.
The original tape was filled with distortion and a raw feel to this tape 
because the pre-amps on the mixing board were 
not built for loud drums and amplifiers and The 
Chosen Few played loud AND fast. But the vocals 
are clear and out front. This CD is un-cut and 
un-edited. It is an honor to be able to bring to 
you this little gem of the history of an important 
band that was part of such a vibrant and exciting 
time of emerging music in the 1960’s........
We want to send out very special thanks of 
appreciation to Stephen Barncard, Greg Welch, 
Susan Peck MacDonald and Mrs. Peck for 
their time, enthusiasm and contributions to this 
production. Their help has truly enriched 
this project.
Also thanks to Mr. Hagenah, Mr. and Mrs. Peck 
and Mrs. Nichols for letting the band practice in 
their basements, drink cokes and empty the ice 
boxes of food. Also, thanks to Mrs. Bradley for
letting us trample her beautiful home in East
Wilmette on one fateful Saturday afternoon.
This CD is dedicated to the memory of 
Tom Peck, Jeff Weinstein, Wayne Welch,
Leo Keating and Bill Bradley. 


All Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols  
All song copyrights by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) and Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
All Global Rights Reserved
Produced, arranged and recorded by Chet Nichols for Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Records
All Instrumentation & Vocal Performances by Chet Nichols
Cover and CD Design by Chet Nichols  
CONTACT:  MagicGarageMusic@protonmail.com


Song Chartings, Awards & Acknowledgements:

 1.  "Ice Cream Man" - #1 Blues, #1 Chicago Blues, #1 Rural Blues

 2.  "If You See Kaye" - "Best Song Award at Broadjam, July, 2016", #1 Rock, #1 Rock Production, #1 Male Vocal, #1 Earth, North America, USA, Illinois



Review for the song, "I Come From Chicago".

"I was just listening to your wonderful song, "I Come From Chicago" TERRIFIC BLUES tune!!
Is that you vocalizing on the composition?? Is that you playing that Killer guitar??
Is that you writing that incredible song?? If so...U is a genius...Ma Main Man!!!
Great feel and story line!! If there is a movie being made about the Blues..... .this would be perfect!!
Super Job Sir!!!
M & A Corey
Peace out...."

November 2022

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